College Expectations (blog 1)

The first few weeks of classes have been tough, mostly just settling and getting used to being a college student again. During the first week of classes, I did not know where my classes were located because they were each in different buildings and also on different campuses. Even so, the idea of being a college student again and being in a classroom environment feels exciting and I am ready to take on all the opportunities Kean has to offer me. I was excited to meet my new professors and learn from them because I read about them before coming to Kean and they have done some amazing work in their careers.

My ultimate career goal is to become an education coordinator, helping students learn and teachers lead classrooms. I am excited to complete a master degree because I believe furthering my education will help me reach this career goal. I expect the work to be challenging yet very rewarding and inspire me to learn new skills and concepts in writing and literature.

The first reading for theory class was Rhetoric and Composition by Janice Lauer, I haven’t read any work by this professor yet and this one was very informational for understanding the English major and study. In the article, Lauer explains the relationship between rhetoric and composition. She describes composition as writing in a different context. She further explains the history of how composition established in the 1960s developed largely in the 20th century. Furthermore, she evaluates written discourse (that is rhetoric) and its significance to writing. Rhetoric is essential to understating grammar, reasoning, and philosophy. In the end, she concludes that rhetorical studies have increased greatly in interested over the years. Studies in combustion and rhetoric have made an impact on teaching and pedagogies.


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